Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace
Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace
Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace
Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace
Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace

Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace

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Medi Levamed Active Ankle Brace with Stabilisation Strap System

The medi leva med active ankle brace is ankle support built for preventing twists. With its unique customisable strap system, the user can provide individualised support based on their needs. The leva med also has compression knitted fabric and silicone pads for massage effect promoting blood circulation.

Injury Support & Prevention:

  • Joint sprain with overstretching of the capsule
  • Chronic ligamentous instability with recurrent supination traumas (twisting of the foot)
  • In the second phase of treatment for deltoid ligament injuries
  • Acute or chronic post-traumatic or postoperative irritation of the talocrural and subtalar joints
  • Conservative treatment of injuries of the syndesmosis not requiring surgery
  • Follow-up treatment of fractures not requiring a cast

How does it work?/Mode of action

Due to the interaction of the compressive knitted fabric, silicone pads integrated on both sides and a novel strap system, the brace serves to stabilize the ankle. The brace itself causes a massaging effect which promotes circulation, thus accelerating the reduction of swelling and bruising. The strap system supports the body’s own stabilization and provides extra support, similar to a tape bandage. The Levamed active brace is thus suitable for preventive protection against injuries caused by twisting of the ankle, especially during exercise, when the muscles become fatigued.

The brace achieves its greatest effect during physical activity.

Wearing directions

In general, the brace can be worn all day. However, this should be done according to your comfort. During longer breaks (e.g. prolonged sitting/road trips, sleeping), the brace should be removed. If excessive pain or discomfort occurs during wearing, please remove the product immediately and contact your physician or medical care business.