Benefits Of Compression

CEP Sports & Performance Benefits

CEP Compression gives the user more energy, greater endurance & enhanced performance during activities. It does this through CEP's physiologically correct & optimum compression which increases blood flow & oxygenation to its most beneficial levels. CEP products also give the user greater stability & coordination; reduced muscle & tissue damage; injury prevention; & regulated/cooling body temperature.

Improved Blood Flow & Oxygenation (More Energy, Greater Endurance, Enhanced Performance & Faster Recovery)

CEP's optimum blood circulation gives the user greater stroke "pump" volume, to get more oxygen rich blood back into the muscles with a greater supply while also removing lactates for faster recovery.

Improved Stability & Co-Ordination

CEP Compression stimulates the skin nerve cells; which causes the body to unconsciously react by changing the basic tension of the muscles; given the user enhanced self stabilistion, muscle response time & perception.

Reduced Muscle & Tissue Damage (Reduced Soreness)

When you run every step creates vibrations thus causing micro tears in the muscle & tissue. With CEP Compression it stabilises and supports the muscles like a shock absorber causing less vibrations & micro tears. It also helps to reduce fatigue & prevent injuries.

Injury Prevention

CEP Compression helps reduce the risk of injury by supporting the muscles and increase blood circulation. It can help prevent muscle cramps, achilles tendon problems, shin splints, ankle sprains, sore muscles & more.

Cooling Effect

Breathable Fibers in CEP products wick away moisture from the surface of your skin creating a cooling effect as the moisture evaporates.

Regulated Body Temperature

By improving blood circulation CEP products have been proven to regulate body temperatures in warm conditions.