Medi Epicomed E+motion Elbow Support
Medi Epicomed E+motion Elbow Support
Medi Epicomed E+motion Elbow Support

Medi Epicomed E+motion Elbow Support

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Medi Epicomed E+motion Elbow Support

Pain in the elbow can have many causes: In tennis elbow (Epicondylopathia humeri radialis), golfer’s elbow (Epicondylopathia humeri ulnaris) or pain caused by arthrosis/arthritis, the Epicomed E+motion elbow support helps to bring relief with its compressive fabric.

The integrated silicone quartz pads with a 3D profile create a beneficial massage effect as you move. They also stimulate the circulation of the tissue. This means that swelling and oedemas can be relieved more efficiently and the healing process promoted. The pressure on irritated tendons can be individually adjusted with the detachable strap. Alongside the tried and trusted medical effect, the Epicomed E+motion scores extra points with its exclusive features in a sporty look. The breathable fabric made from active fibre and merino fibre support the thermo-regulation in both summer and winter, adapting perfectly to movement and also giving the joint extra stability for high stress during sport, at work or in everyday life. The extra-large comfort zone makes the support particularly comfortable to wear. The wide, flexible cuff with integrated silicone thread ensures it sits firmly during all activities.


  • Particularly high stability and even more freedom of movement at the same time
  • Broad and flexible cuff for a firm and comfortable fit
  • Removable strap for individual pressure adjustment
  • Massage effect thanks to integrated silicone quartz pad with 3D profile
  • More freedom of movement thanks to an extra large comfort zone
  • Optimal breathability thanks to active fibre
  • Improved thermo-regulation thanks to merino fibre
  • Made in Germany