CEP Neon Compression Socks


Add color to your run: The NEON Compression Socks are CEP’s new brightly colored collection with highlights that motivate you to achieve your goals in a bold new running look. Plus the NEON socks keep your feet stable and light to the last kilometer.


The perfectly adapted compression profile in the NEON Compression Socks increases your blood circulation and is designed for optimum running support in any conditions: It stabilizes your joints, prevents blisters and supplies your legs with fresh nutrients. The anatomical shape of these intelligent sports socks guarantees a perfect stay-put fit while the heat and moisture regulating properties keep your feet comfortable and dry all the way to the finish line of your next marathon.


The socks come in bright yellow, pink and blue neon colors that are so exciting you’ll want to wear them for everyday activities, too. Either way, your legs will love the compression effect of the NEON Compression Socks. 


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