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Every single CEP product incorporates our decades of experience as a manufacturer of medical compression products and partner to professional athletes and sports medicine specialists. We want you to reach your athletic goals and give you what you demand from compression: an amazing effect.

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CEP Prevention

For athletes, staying fit and healthy is the highest priority. This is why CEP developed highly innovative supports, sleeves and a posture-improving shirt in collaboration with top athletes, renowned sports medicine specialists and experienced physiotherapists. These high-tech compression products protect and stabilize your body and are optimized for high-impact workouts and sports.

CEP Performance

This is one of the most important topics for every athlete, which is why CEP socks are equipped with a fabric structure that stabilizes muscles and joints. CEP uses a special knitting technique to activate the basic tension of the muscles. The result: More control and improved stability. This helps prevent twists and sprains in fast-action situations or on uneven surfaces.



CEP Recovery

Recovery is a key success factor for top performance in competition. Like a battery, your body needs to recharge efficiently so that you are always ready to deliver peak performance. Compression is the technology for smart recovery. An ergonomic compression profile promotes circulation and speeds up the removal of waste products such as lactates. This means less soreness, no tired legs and more energy in record time for the next stage of training and competition. Our recovery products are also the perfect companion on long trips.



Heat & Moisture Management

Whether its hot, cold, rainy or snow – CEP intelligent sportswear adapts to both the climate and your body. CEP fabric absorbs moisture and sweat, immediately wicking it away from the skin and evenly distributing it on the surface so that it can evaporate. Your body stays comfortable and dry. Ventilation zones, the use of high-quality yarns such as merino wool and an anti-microbial design ensure excellent heat and moisture management in this advanced material technology.



CEP Fit & Comfort

No matter what your sport is – CEP offers intelligent products specifically tailored to your discipline: Padded zones in the right places and a comfortable, wide cuff provide the comfort you need. CEP products perfectly hug the contours of your body thanks to their anatomical design. What does this mean for you? CEP sportswear fits perfectly so there is no more chafing.


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