$40 Gift Voucher Every $100 Purchase Promo

How it works

  • Purchase: For every $100 spent a $40 gift voucher is earned to be sent to your friends/family.
  • Fill up the form: Once your order has been confirmed. Complete this form with the recipient's details.
  • Gift sent out: We'll send the voucher out via email on December 11th, make sure to let the recipient know you have a surprise coming for them to their email so they don't miss it!


  • Can I get multiple gift vouchers? or is it limited to one per order?
    • Yes. For every $100 you spend you get 1 x gift card. If you spend $200 you get 2 x $40 gift cards to send out. 
  • Do I need to break my order into multiple separate orders?
    • No. You can just place one order and we'll calculate the number of gift cards you'll be eligible for.
  • Does the voucher have an expiration date?
    • Yes. The recipient must redeem the voucher on or before January 31st, 2022. We'll remind them to claim a week before the expiration date via email.
  • Can I claim the voucher for myself?
    • It's the season of giving. Best share this with your closest friend or family member.
  • Why do you send the gift card early?
    • Christmas is a very busy time for Australia Post and we want to make sure the item arrives before Christmas. For the gift to arrive before Christmas, the recipient will need to redeem the voucher before the 1/12 for standard post and before the 20/12 for express post. 
  • What if I have issues claiming the voucher?
    • Please email cepaustralia@healthmg.com.au if you are having any problems claiming your gift voucher. 


*Promo ends on December 10th 2021. Terms and conditions apply.